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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Oh Dear, Oh Dear - and a winner.......

Sorting out stuff that hasn't seen the light of day for years does make you wonder exactly why you need it. I know with certainty that if I throw out some obscure paint/bottle of unidentified pink stuff/spray bottle containing something that looks like the contents of a newborn baby's nappy, that the minute that stuff reaches the black sack, all of a sudden someone will discover some clever new technique that sweeps through the craft world like a virus. All of a sudden, everyone is searching everywhere for bottles of pink stuff. You can't find it for love nor money, it fetches huge sums on Ebay.................yes, that's the stuff I just threw in the garbage. Happens to me all the time

I was obviously in some sort of craft buying frenzy at the NEC craft show when I bought these letters which were going to be beautifully and artistically altered, then displayed on the bedroom wall (except that I forgot I bought them - until now.......)

LONE? I thought in my feverish craft crazed brain when I battled the crowds at the MDF man's booth at the show that I was buying the letters to spell out LOVE! But no, LONE is not a sentiment many people would want on their bedroom wall I suppose. All is not lost,  I could do EN for my shed ! Or NOEL for Christmas.....or there again, they could just be put into a cupboard again for another few years

And I don't care if I'm boring you - I want you to feel my pain

On to the winner of the FlexMarkers. The name that came up on random.org

who said:

 Thank you for the chance Enfys (I love your name by the way) have a great weekend too. Hope to craft a bit but jobs around the house need to be done, sad face! Love Jane x

Congrats Jane, email me with your address and they will be on their way - be quick before I pack them!

I hope all my friends from the USA had a great 4th July xx


  1. Noel was the first thing that I thought of when I seen your "LONE" word. It would be really pretty all decorated with Christmas paper and Christmas embellishments.

  2. Perhaps they had run out of "V" and you were going to artistically alter the "N" (chuckle). Noel would be a lovely thing to do as a new Christmas dec for your new home.
    Congrats to Jane.
    Toni xx

  3. Go on get ready for Christmas and do noel. I must do a sort out but not just my craft stuff. Enjoy the rumage

  4. I do feel your pain. One of my problems is that I cannot find the stuff I know I have. I bought a new bottle of masking fluid some months ago because I wanted to use it on my cards and I couldn't for the life of me remember where I had left the bottle I bought many years ago for a water colouring class. Guess what, I misplaced that bottle, too. It's probably in the same removal box in our cellar/library that also contains the bulk of my dies. ;-(
    So I bought bottle nr. 3 when I went to Heraklion the other day to buy a new printer and some craft supplies. While browsing the internet for the printer I had discoverd that this shop sold both.;-)
    Good luck with the rest of your purging and packing!
    And congrats to Jane!

  5. Has to be NOEL surely, thank you so much Enfys, I am the winner.
    I have contacted quickly to be sure you don't pack them?
    Love Jane x

  6. Hmmmm .... Perhaps "NOEL" was your intent all along. After a few years, it's sometimes easy to forget why, or at least to question why, you purchased something ... particularly if it was put away and never seen again since it's purchase. That's what seems to happen in my house. Oh, and if you have anything that looks like a baby's nappy, I don't care what it is ... just THROW IT AWAY! And by all means, DO NOT remove the lid ... looking like a baby's nappy is bad enough, you sure don't want to take a wiff and remove all doubt. ewwwww As to the "Pink Stuff" ... as long as you are sure it's not a wad of old bubble gum, then you might want to keep it. The popularity of Pink Stuff seems to repeat itself with some regularity ... at least in the crafting world.

    Have a lovely week-end Enfys ... and CONGRATS, Jane!

  7. Maryellen WebberSunday, July 05, 2015

    I have wondered about certain crafty purchases I have discovered. You have been very busy packing up all of your craft supplies. I do feel your pain!!!! I think you will do a wonderful job with MDF letters.

  8. NOEL definitely came to my mind first, does that mean I am getting into the Christmas mode, hope not!! I do feel for you packing though, just plain exhausting and heart wrenching to throw your lovely stash away that has nowhere to go.

  9. I do not envy you the job of packing up all your things, Enfys, though I suppose it does give you opportunity to declutter...if you can part with that bottle of pink stuff, that is! Your tales always make me smile and the LONE letters must have been a festive, forward thinking purchase...surely?!
    Wishing you all the very best for the move and I am a little jealous of your upsizing...we could do with some elasticated walls in our house - it is amazing how mush 'stuff' we accumulate over the years, each with a good intention when stashed in that cupboard or drawer, never to see the light of day again! Oh to be a minimalist...yeah, like that'll ever happen...I'm a crafter! Hugs, Lisa x

  10. Having just moved in February, I do feel your pain. However, I'm now going through all the things that had been packed for over a year. It's all mostly papers... directions for this or that etc. After all the Rhine vs related to moving, I say..."I will never move again!" (I hope) lol, hugs Jess

  11. Oh, I feel for you Enfys. Throwing out craft stuff is sooo difficult at any time. Pat xx

  12. I do not envy you Enfys having to pack up your crafty stash. But it does give you a chance for a good clear out. Well done to the winner.

  13. I sure don't envy your packing your craft room. Just the thought of having to pack mine would be enough to give me a migraine for several weeks ! :)
    Anna N.


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