Monday, 1 September 2014

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to all my American friends - I must admit that although I was living in Florida for ten years of this particular holiday in the USA, I never quite got the hang of it, (but note that I have left the U out of Labour in deference to American custom). All I can ever remember about it is something to do with not wearing white after tomorrow, which always seemed a bit daft to me when I was in 90 degree heat in Florida. Enjoy your last days of summer and a nice long weekend wherever you are.....

On to today's card which is another take on the Penny Black poppy stamp that I used for the pearly flowers on my last Letraset post, looking quite different this time coloured with ProMarkers 

My favourite black and white gingham ribbon got an outing too - honestly, I would use this ribbon on every card I make, I have to ration myself!

A short post today - I have to get a move on with some housework, a stint in the charity shop then a concentrated effort to get on with some outstanding craft projects - I mean that they are overdue, not that they will be outstanding. See you tomorrow x 


  1. Love this card... I love poppies. Have a great one....

  2. Pretty card!!! and I also luv that ribbon it seems to go so well with any color....
    behind on my emails again...

  3. Beautiful poppies! Can't wait to hear about the charity shop.

  4. I have to comment on the no white after Labor Day. One of the Top Designer, Tim Gunn announced in the newspaper yesterday,that is old fashoone and white can be worn anytime. Yippee!, not that I didn't wear it anyway in Florida. But I was still glad go hear it anyway.So, ladies, go ahead and wear all your white outfits, even shoes.

    Dianne Bell -

  5. Love your card and I love the attention to detail! Have fun today!

  6. I think Labour day was in honor of the Labour unions, way back when they were good for us. And all the hard work labourers put in. Maybe ;)
    When you were in London last, did you get to go to The Tower, to see the field of poppies? I've seen pix and videos. But would love to hear a first hAnd account.
    Beautiful job with the poppies stamp.
    Hugs Jess

  7. Pretty poppies - one of my favourite flowers. I'm sure the projects will be outstanding in EVERY sense of the word! Pat x

  8. Gorgeous card Enfys. Love the poppies image and I love gingham ribbon too.

  9. Beautiful card Enfys. I love poppies.
    Toni xx

  10. This is gorgeous as always l like black and white gingham too! and the poppies are gorgeous truly beautiful x


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