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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Christmas Wreath....

Well all of a sudden it has turned from a rather nice Autumn to being very very wet - the squirrels are having the time of their lives digging up earth from the garden pots looking for nice juicy bulbs - why do they do that when the ground is littered with acorns?

So, since Winter is around the corner, here is a little Christmas wreath made with the wreath kit from Craftwork Cards - so easy to put together, you get sheets of die cut poinsettias and holly leaves, a chipboard wreath base, ribbons, and gold candi for the flower centers, and even better, you get enough to make two wreaths in one kit. All I did was sprinkle some shabby white Frantage embossing powder onto the leaves and flowers...it will made a special card for someone....

My samples for the Craftwork Cards show on Create and Craft TV, with the lovely Julie Hickey are in the mail - I will let you know what time she is on. Also in the mail are my final submissions for the Heartfelt Creations design team. Breathe...

I had an amusing moment in my favourite coffee shop today. Two workmen were removing a panel from the wall, like a little hidden cupboard, low down, almost like a small understairs cubby, except there were no stairs...One of the guys was rather chunky (I am being so nice and tactful here), but for some reason, he was the one that had to get into the little cubbyhole, presumably there were electrical or plumbing things in there. So he got on his back on the floor and started to edge his way inside the hole, feet first. He got so far, (abdomens were involved by this time..) then got stuck. His mate was giving him advice 'move your shoulder down Ken, breathe in'....No good, Ken was well and truly stuck. So the mate started to push him in, he got down on the floor and gave poor old Ken a couple of good shoves. Honestly, it was like watching a birth video in reverse....
This went on for some time, by which time they were getting helpful advice from all the coffee drinkers. In the end, to my amazement, Ken came bottom shuffling back out, red faced and sweating,  and the skinny little mate crawled in, did whatever needed to be done in about four minutes, popped back out again, and off they went. I mean, if mate was capable of doing it, why on earth did they put chunky Ken through all that agony - I am rather glad they did, it was hilarious! 

See you tomorrow with some Autumn leaves which have made it onto a card...


  1. They never seem to have anything that interesting going on in my coffee shop - giggle.

    Love the wreath Enfys.

    Toni xx

  2. haha! kinda feeling for poor Ken at the moment :D gorgeous wreath x

  3. Love the wreath ... What a beautiful embellishment it will be on a card. Too bad they do not come in larger sizes, as this would also make a lovely home decor item. I really like the extra sprinkles you added too - it looks like a light dusting of snow.

    Poor ole "chunky" Ken. What an embarrassing experience, especially with so many onlookers. I do sympathize though, as I know I would have gotten stuck too. However, unlike Ken, I would have had an instant vision of the outcome and would have immediately said ... "Not a chance Mate, this is a job for your skinny little tush!" (Hey, I already know I am "chunky" - I have no desire to prove it!)

  4. Beautiful Wreath Enfys, am tempted to buy this , do you think there is a way you could waterproof this for hang on a door, wish daft things like that happened In my local coffee shop, would make life more interesting ...lol
    Hugz Kath...xx..

  5. Shame on you for laughing. Hee! Hee! Must have been a riot to watch.

  6. Poor Ken - having to suffer such humiliation. Perhaps he'll cut down on a few calories now? Or not. Loved your project and your story. You should put them all together in a book. Could well be the next best seller!

  7. gorgeous wreath, Enfys! probably, Ken gave you a little entertainment in cafe )
    hugs, Helena

  8. fabulous wreath....awww and you get free entertainment too...at poor ol ken's expense...lol

  9. Ha! Great story! Lovely wreath.

  10. Gorgeous wreath Enfys. Loved your story about poor Ken, would love to have been there.

  11. Beautiful wreath!
    Poor ole Ken, I'm in agreement with you, why didn't the other guy just do it in the first place? But then again maybe he didn't want to tell Ken that he just wasn't gonna fit into that hole.
    You are too funny!


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Enfys x