Tuesday, 23 July 2013

On the inside looking out.....

Another memory box window card, this time I did a scene from the inside looking out. Someone asked for product numbers of the dies, I'm afraid I don't have them, I just look online for Memory Box and Poppy Stamps dies, there are loads of stockists, but I find Simonsaysstamp is very good in the USA (they mail to the UK as well), and I have always had good service from Oyster stamps in the UK.  The window is called Grand Madison Window, sorry I can't be more help on this

I used acetate behind the window frame on this one, and the white panel was sponged in a random way with stormy sky distress ink. The tree is the bare branch die....

I made a little pot plant from a cut-down Easter egg die!

What good news about the new baby prince - I felt quite sorry for Kate yesterday with the whole world urging her to push! I posted on FaceBook that I thought they would go for a victorian name like Prince Albert. Cue for some horrified comments from my kids 'you are joking mum?' and 'I take it you are being sarcastic mother?'
Well no, I thought Bertie sounded cute - until they told me that Prince Albert is the name given to a male piercing of a rather intimate nature. How was I supposed to know that? Well, well, you live and learn. Loads of bets have been made on the name apparently, I am so pleased that I didn't go into a bookies to put a bet on Albert being the name. Can you imagine?
See you tomorrow x


  1. Enfys,
    I did not know that either about Prince Albert. In the USA it is a tobacco in a can that is actually called "Prince Albert". The standing joke for kids during my age was calling up people on the phone and Saying" Do you have Prince Albert in a can? Tobacco lovers that used it would say. Yes, and then the crazy kids one of which I am sure I was not would say "Better let him out"! Love the card and the window die's............

  2. I'm from the same era as you Enfys and had no idea what a Prince Albert might be. Love today's card, the window die is so pretty. Pat x

  3. Gorgeous hun, just brilliant xx

  4. You're as naïve as I am. Leave it to our kids to enlighten us.
    Beautiful card, too.

  5. Lovely card Enfys ... I can imagine sitting in that room looking out. And, I must say that it makes me miss the cool shade of my old oak tree, which was was blown down this past week. =(

    Like you, I don't know anything about male piercing either (nor do I care to). Here in the States, I know of Prince Albert as a brand of tobacco that comes in a can (chewing tobacco maybe?). So that name really has no appeal to me. However, I do kind of fancy a name like Prince James or Prince Alexander.

    I haven't heard if the name has been announced yet, but whatever the name of the new baby Royal will be, I know he will be much loved by all. =)

  6. LOLOLOL I didn't know that either! This is the 2nd time in as many days that I've felt way behind the times. I was happy to hear the little prince made his debut without too much trouble. I hear that James and George and Michael are the biggest bet. Michael being her dad's name. Of course there are all sorts of Kingly names. I'll bet he gets way more than the standard first and middle names. My thought would be James William Harry. Sounds a bit regal it thought.
    Love this card En. I love scenery cards best. Have a great day.
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To the little Prince, and congrats to mom and dad too. I'll bet the Great Granny is well pleased. Hugs, Jess

  7. Cute card!! Funny comments!! I never heard about the Prince Albert thing either!!

  8. Lol..........So funny!! Your card Enfys is absolutely beautiful x

  9. Never new about Prince Albert being anything other than Queen Victoria's husband! Your card is really pretty, and I'm definitely going to have to check out these MB dies. BethAnn M.

  10. So pretty a room with a veiw and nice egg-plant~ you are always so creative!
    S.Bayles made a comment similar to my first impression of the name Albert for the new little Prince...my Mother confessed to doing that prank phone call as a kid...but a male piercing? Yikes!
    We named our 1st son Alexander and heard that name is under Royal consideration~ gets my vote!


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