Friday, 19 July 2013

Old Fashioned Phone

 There is something so lovely about this old fashioned phone die from Sissix - perfect for a note to a friend. I used papers by Authentique. The center ring around the dial was cut in white and I coloured it with Promarkers for a bit of contrast. The sentiment is one of those dollar ones from Michaels (I miss rummaging around in those dollar bins!)

Now I am sure lots of you know this trick, but here is the way I cut a banner type edge so that the angles are perfectly even... Fold your strip of card/paper in half, lengthwise

Take your scissors and cut down from the top edge at an angle....

Voila - a perfect banner shape every time. Just be careful not to crease the fold, just do it loosely so that you don't have a crease mark down the center of your paper

So like most women of my age, I visit my (very expensive) hairdresser every five weeks for a trim, and more importantly what they call a 'root regrowth' and I call 'covering up the grey'.
'I could do this myself and save some money' I thought as I watched them separate tiny sections of hair and brush the dye on. So I bought all the stuff, and set out to do it. I learned a few things...........
1. Do not wear a white tee shirt when you are applying hair dye, two reasons, one, the dye drips onto your clothes (it never does that when the hairdresser does it. Hmmm) and two, how do you get the tee shirt off over your head to step into the shower to wash off the dye...
2. Do not keep the tubes of hair dye in a rather stiff-to-open drawer in a bedroom with a cream carpet
3. Make sure that the lid is on the tube of hair dye, so that when you pull our the stiff drawer and everything shoots out of the drawer, you don't get a big brown splodge on cream carpet

So, was it worth it? Well I am de-greyed, but at a price
Cost of tubes of hairdye, little brush etc etc £20
Cost of new cream carpet for the bedroom - probably about £250
Cost of new favourite white tee shirt - £15

Okay, maybe it wasn't a great idea after all! 


  1. romfl!! oh En!! thats so funny!! I do so love that card too,its gorgeous!
    huge hugs Lou xx

  2. l like your card Enfys, your so talented xx

  3. Enfys,
    Cannot believe I am not the first post. I am slipping. Love the card I may make one in purple..........Hope you have a great weekend. Are you on baby watch?

  4. You are too funny! I have friends who do their own coloring, but honestly, I can tell that they do their own. Sorry, but it just looks wrong. Sounds like you were doing it the right way though and don't have a head of one color that is not right. It's just way easier to have someone do it and have it done right too. And no extra expense either.
    The card is lovely, I love the pattern combo as well as the colors.
    Now I have to go check what I've missed in the last many weeks. My Mom broke her hip and I've been dealing with her being in rehab and now we have to figure where she goes from here. But right now I have a few minutes and I'm going to check out what you've been up to.

  5. That phone is fab - great card.

    I did chuckle at the hair dye are right, it never drips like that in the salon.

    Toni xx

  6. Enfys that is soooo funny! Obviously your hairdressing skills aren't a patch on your card making ones. Love this cute little card. Pat x

  7. OMGOSH!!! tooo you know why they can charge so much...have it done...a lot cheaper LOl!!!
    and I like the tip you shared..thanks

  8. that phone die is just so cute and oh yes I could have told you that self application of hair dye is fraught with potential disasters...speak soon...hugs kath xxx

  9. LOLOL well the answer is not to save any of the stuff to start with. Just re-dye. I always did and it looked fine. (as long as you use a good conditioner!) lol Oh and the shirt, white, black, green, doesn't matter. What matters...buttons ;-)I do love your sense of humor. lol
    Very cute card, love the little phone. TFS Hugs, Jess

  10. Thanks for sharing another great card and another great story! I am so fortunate that my DIL is a hair stylist and she takes care of my hair - I could never get the gorgeous color she does and NO MESS! LOL!


  11. Your card is wonderful ... as always!

    Your story, priceless! It sounds like something I would do! LOL!

  12. Cute card! Hilarious story Enfys! I've often had the same do it yourself thoughts. I was more worried about ending up with purple hair than staining the carpet!! I too go about every six weeks & it costs a fortune, but I've just decided that's the way it has to be!!

  13. Oh no definitely time to stick to the hairdresser lol.
    Love the card though, the telephone looks great especially with the contrast colour.
    Kim xXx


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