Monday, 15 July 2013

Memory Box Gothic Window

So I got out my Memory Box folder of dies, and to my shame there were about six dies in there that I have never ever used, although they have been there for ages. One of them is the large gothic window, and the matching arched window, I think I got it with a view to making some Christmas cards, but that obviously didn't happen last year - maybe this Christmas it will come in handy.... 

So I made this into a sympathy card, the cards we all hate making, but I like to keep a few in my box of cards. When you hear sad news, the last thing you feel like is making cards, so I like to have some on hand. I cut out the window arch and the gothic insert in black, and the arched window in white. I used a zyron machine to make the insert sticky, then added to to the white card. I coloured with ProMarkers, in quite vibrant colours, because I wanted it to look like a stained glass window in a church. The whole thing was covered with glossy accents, then I added the arched frame with foam pads. The whole window was stuck to the card with more foam pads...... 

and I really like the stained glass effect.....

For the next card, I cut out a pink vellum arch and used that as a base. This will be a christening card for a little girl - I will add her name to the bottom underneath the window.....

you can see that using the foam pads makes the window really dimensional....

Of course, now that I have rediscovered the dies, I have a few cards to show you. I am such a grasshopper! I leap around from stamping, to dies, to digital stuff, and don't mention the melt pot that hasn't even made it out of the box yet.... Anyone else out there who hops from technique to technique like me?

We had a lovely weekend, bathed in sunshine. We went to a pub with friends on Saturday night and it was so lovely to sit outside in the pub's pretty garden until almost midnight, and I didn't even need a sweater! 

See you tomorrow x


  1. You are so funny Enfys!! I guarantee you that I along with every scrapbooker/cardmaker out there has supplies they totally forgot that they bought or had!!! But like you..I feel guilty when I come across it! You made two lovely cards..I especially love the stained glass look!!

  2. Oh yeah, I tend to think of that as a kids Christmas morning moment! lol Then you rush to play with it, then it's off to the next thing that catches my eye. Occasionally I go into the studio with something specific in mind, but mostly it's whatever catches my eye or looks fun to play with! Love the stained glass look you achieved.

  3. Two lovely cards - and very different too, it just shows how versatile the dies are. I try not to think in terms of using different techniques - if you just see it all as a means to the same end - a finished piece of work - I don't think you feel as guilty about neglecting any aspect of it. At least, that's what I told my quilling stuff when I unearthed it after many years tucked away in a cupboard this weekend.....

  4. Beautiful cards Enfys and so very different from each other.

    "Technique hopping" - yep, I certainly know where you are coming from on that...I'm currently colouring and die-cutting.

    Toni xx

  5. Two beautiful creations and so
    different too.
    Gr Elly

  6. Morning Enfys, Oh wow they are both gorgeous and how great a find forgetting there was there!! totally stunning xx

  7. Great way to use the frame. When I find something I forgot I had I am pleased as punched that I don't have to purchase the product. Like Christmas!!

  8. These cards so beautiful. I too go back and forth between techniques. It seems my hands can't keep up with my brain. Or maybe vice versa. TFS~hugs♥

  9. What wonderful cards but such different looks. I guess some new dies will need to go on my wish list as this set would be perfect for my church card making projects.Thanks so much for your inspiration.

  10. Beautiful cards! Of course I'm not surprised. ;) I often wish I had more dies. But I'd probably use them a lot in the beginning, then they'd get forgotten, like all the different colors of embossing powders I haven't used in ... well a very long time!
    I'm so glad you've got good weather. Ours was lousy all weekend. Don went fishing in the rain, and actually caught something! So not all bad.
    Hugs, Jess

  11. Enfys, These cards are so beautiful. I have about 10 memory box dies in my drawer that your beautiful cards have inspired me to buy and I have not used one of them. I feel guilty for not using the different things I have, so I go from stamps, to Cricut, to Tim Holtz, to Silhouette...etc, etc. I really want to do the MB dies...I love them...time to add them to the rotation! :) Thanks for the inspiration that you always supply. Smoochie

  12. Totally awesome dies. When I first started crafting, it was rubber stamps. Then the Cricut came to town and with it the Cuddle Bug. I jump from one to the other and now that I have purchased an e-Bosser, all the old dies and embossing folders are coming out.

    Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend. I spent this Sunday at one of our local casinos. It was my 67th birthday and I went to play the free Bingo package they give. Had a great time.

    Hugs, CyndiU

  13. Lovely stained glass effect Enfys. I think most crafters are like butterflies, flitting from one thing to another. Pat x

  14. Oh yes I have a lot of those "had to have" crafting items that whoops are still waiting there for someone to play with them.
    As for the hopping from one type of crafting medium to the next well guilty as charged mam.
    Have a wonderful night.

  15. I'm forever finding things I forgot I had. But what fun trying new different mediums. That's what keeps crafting intriguing. I love the stain glass card.

  16. Love the stain glass card. I love finding items I forgot I had. Gives me a reason to play with something else. I call it my senior moments.Luckily I don't have to worry about deadlines. I do it for fun.


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