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Monday, 2 January 2012

Anyone fancy a challenge?

Today's card is an Urban Belle stamp, coloured with Promarkers and the flower is Tim Holtz tattered flower. The kraft card is by Papermania.
Promarkers used:

Face, blush and soft peach
jeans - pastel blue, denim blue, ice grey 3
hair - burnt sienna, cinnamon, tan and caramel
sweater and headband - sandstone, tan 

I've had a few emails about loading the cricut handbooks onto the ipad, so scroll down to the post, I have added a couple of things which I hope will make it clearer

Do you remember a while back when I was having a blog hop, one of the challenges was to make a card and post it here? Loads of you did so, and many have said they would like to do it again. So let's give it a try, and have a monthly challenge on here, there will be a Mr Linky for easy posting,  and there will be  prize for the winner. I will put a voting thingy on, and you can all vote for your favourites, or would you prefer a random draw for the winner? I want to try and gauge your reaction to this idea before I spend time setting it all up, so let me know what you think please

I had a little browse around the shops today (theres a novelty!), everything is on sale of course (those of you not from the UK, the January sales are a huge tradition here), but I wasn't tempted at all, although I did hesitate for a nano second over a pair of cashmere wrist warmers, a snip at £50 ($80). They looked as though someone had cut off the bottom part of a sweater sleeve, that was it, just a tube of knitting. So I picked them up, and thought 'nah, why should my wrists be warm when the rest of me is freezing......'  Do the buyers for these shops ever stop for a minute and think, really think, about their customers? Do they not think that we might have the brains if we need warm wrists, to go to the charity shops, buy an old sweater and cut off the sleeves?

See you tomorrow


  1. I actually do have a couple of sets of wrist warmers. I broke my wrist a few years ago, and I find that wearing the extra of a wrist warmer helps to stop some of the aches and pains in the bad weather. It also gives a little extra support. As far as the idea of a challenge, why not? It could be fun. Happy New Year. Maggie

  2. A challenge sounds like fun! I personally like when the winners are chosen randomly since some of us don't have a lot of blogging buddies to come over and vote for us, but I'm sure it will be a great challenge. Thanks so much and Happy New Year!

  3. Wrist warmers are great, and that's honestly what most do, find an old cashmere sweater, cut the cuffs and sew around them. Put a little somethin' somethin' on them and Ta da! Wrist warmers!

    I love this card, Enfys.


  4. I really enjoy reading your posts. You have such a great sense of humor! I spent this afternoon "browsing" the saIes at Hobby Lobby. I received a $60 gift card and ended up with a total of $120!!! How did that happen?

    I think I would enjoy a challenge on your blog. Have a great New Year!

  5. "I will put a voting thingy on, and you can all vote for your favourites, or would you prefer a random draw for the winner?"

    I prefer the voting idea or, better still, if *you* would choose a winner. I'm not fond of a random draw as it doesn't take into account any effort made by participants.

    You asked!!!

  6. To be honest I prefer either a random draw or you or someone nominated by you to pick a winner.

    I think wrist warmers have been invented by the same people who invented jumpers with three quarter sleeves on them - when I am cold I want a jumper with sleeves that come to down my wrists not to stop halfway down my arms LOL!! I have actually struggled this winter in some shops finding jumpers that have full length sleeves on them.

    Looking forward to your challenge.

    Karen x

  7. another option is to do what DCWV does - she narrows it to the top 10, shows them, then does a random draw to choose the winner from the top 10. I think the challenge is a fun idea. After thinking about wrist warmers, I'm even more glad I live as far south as I do. If I need wrist warmers I'm just not going outside...

  8. I don't have a blog but would love to look at the challenge cards. I had to google the wrist warmers, crazy! I am a seamstress for a living and have great supports for the wrist but to spend that much money on those is goofy. It gets very cold here in northern Wisconson sometimes 25 below so my hands get cold when reading so I cut a small hole in the tips on some old gloves and that works great.Judy

  9. You are hilarious!!! Never heard of wrist warmers...I don't get out much obviously!!! What I require is hand warmers that go inside your mittens!!! I have a condition that turns my fingers numb as soon as I walk out in the frigid weather!!!

    Anyway...you know..I've not entered many challenges, but that was one of my new years resolutions...just because I wanted to be forced to make more cards!! I would definitely join in, especially if the challenge was bi-montly so I had more than a few days to come up with something!!

    Sorry I'm dragging on and on,but deciding the winner is a hard one. I think I would rather the winner be chosen randomly, because everybody's taste is so different, it would be the fairest way!!


  10. You could make your own wrist warmers - a ball of wool and you'll be sorted :-) xx (Random would be better for me) xx

  11. oh this is one gorgeous card hun love the image,happy new year hun hugs cherylxxxxxxx

  12. oh this is one gorgeous card hun love the image,happy new year hun hugs cherylxxxxxxx

  13. Cute card. I'm not to good at entering challenges, but the couple that I have entered have used the random draw thing. I'd rather loose to great art work than just random. So I'd be happy to vote on the entries.
    Wrist warmers...I've never noticed my wrist's being cold. To each his own. But I agree, charity shop sweaters would be better.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. What a gorgeous card,I love the image and the colours.

    Happy New Year.
    Hugs Riet.xx

  16. Hi Enfys!

    Happy New Year!

    This is a gorgeous card!

    Leanne xx

  17. Hi Enfys and Happy New Year! I like the fingerless hand warmers myself. I thought the wrist warmers you mention is quite a steep price (for cashmere maybe not, lol). Anyways I would love a challenge and a voting one would be nice. Is a random winner a winner really?? Thanks, hugs~Mary

  18. If they were going to use a wonderful cashmere, they should have knitted a pretty pattern, not just a tube >.> You might as well just use and old sweater then. I was just looking at a lovely pattern for some wristlets, but I know I'd get sidetracked and never finish them, ha ha! Cards are faster ;- ) Love the Idea of your challenge, though I hope they fit what I'm doing, that's always been my problem with challenges (I know that's why it's a challenge.) They narrowing it down and then vote, seems good, if you can take the pressure, Enfys ;- )

  19. ah but not everyone is as resourceful as us crafters Enfys lol - can't really see some of these young and trendy lassies cutting up old sweaters.
    fabulous card - the urban belles are just brilliant to colour (I use them for teaching - nice big images with no fussy bits)
    I'd be interested in a challenge - not sure about the voting, I worry it becomes a popularity contest rather than about the actual entry
    Happy New year

  20. I love the look of your cards...can we get the stamps here in the USA? I am knitting wrist warmers...might be easier to get some old sweaters and just cut them off & embellish instead. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas

  21. Hi Enfys, Happy New Year to your and your loved ones. I love this card of yours - beautiful colour combo. I don't often enter challenges but I think I would be tempted to enter yours, and since it's yours I think you should pick the winner!
    As for the wrist warmers, what can I say, it's as senseless to me as buying a polarneck sleeveless sweater! You can freeze your arms, hands and fingers off but at least you will have a toasty neck! Add your wrist warmers and you will have toasty wrists too Hahaha hehehe

  22. A challenge sounds like fun, even if I don't have the time to participate, I love seeing what everyone does with it.
    As for how to find a winner, I think I'd just as soon have it be a random drawing. You don't know how many times I've worked on cards or projects and done a really great job on them and someone who has a ton of friends, but necessarily a great project, wins. They never seem to be any kind of "talent driven" voting, but who has the most friends who will take the time to come and vote.
    So that being said, I'd go for the random drawing.

    Wrist warmers for that price? WOW! I don't think so either.

  23. Love the sounds of the challenge but don't like having to get votes, you end up having to bed a few friends to take time to vote just so you don't look like an orphan lol. So randon thing please;0 Don't know about wrist warmers, but feet warmers yes, I love my thermal socks;)

  24. I love your card - it is beautiful!
    I thought I liked wrist warmers, taught myself to knit and only made one - tried it on and thought how stupid does this look...I live where it is cold!
    Your challenge would be great fun-why does there have to be a winner at all? lets just post our stuff and enjoy each others creativity!

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I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x