Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Floral Fantasy for Funky Hand

The first of the month always means a brand new challenge over at Get Funky. This month it was Kathy's turn to set the challenge, and chose
Floral Fantasy
She wants lots of dimension on the projects, hop over there and take a look at the truly fabulous creations that the design team have come up with
I used the Colour Me Happy CD, and printed the background paper directly onto a scalloped card base, I love doing this, it can be tricky making putting pattern papers onto these scalloped cards, but this works beautifully. The flowers were cut from one of the pattern papers, with punched circle centres, all put on with foam pads. The branch was cut in black at 4" from Wildcard with my Cricut, and the bird is a digi stamp from the CD. The sentiment is an old one I have had for years.

I coloured the bird with Promarkers to coordinate perfectly with the papers. This is a BIG card - 8" x 8", it was one of the samples I sent off to Anice for her show on Create and Craft TV, and I have learnt that small cards just get lost when the presenter is flipping through them. Why not join in with the challenge? As always, there is a £20 ($30) Funky Hand voucher for the winner.

A paragraph in the paper yesterday caught my eye. Apparently a team of researchers from some university have been doing some research for the past year, and have published their results. Women do not wear all the clothes they pack for a holiday
That's it? They have been working for a year to come to that conclusion? Well, I could have saved them the trouble, and the taxpayers some money, next time, come to me. I have all the necessary information you need right at my fingertips.
However much I plan for a holiday, making endless lists, I never get it quite right. If I pack carefully chosen 'outfits', you can bet that at the last minute a wave of panic comes over me 'oh no, I am going to be overweight at check-in'
So I hurl various items out of the case. There, that's better. Except that when I get to my destination, I have the oddest mix of stuff you have ever seen. An orange skirt (looks fabulous with a tan and that pretty top, hmmm, the top seems to have been culled in the last minute panic). Two odd sandals - more victims of the cull. A green top that I have not worn, ever, because I have nothing that matches it. How did that get in there when vital stuff has gone missing? Will it go with the orange skirt? Well, if I want to be mistaken for a mobile traffic light it would I suppose.......................................and so it goes on.
So every year I read articles in newspapers and magazines about capsule holiday wardrobes. What planet are these people on? They reckon that all you need is a swimsuit, bikini and a silk sarong (handmade by a million silkworms in Outer Mongolia and a bargain at only £560) and you have the basis of a whole week's wardrobe. You knot the silk sarong artfully in various ways to make a beach cover up, evening dress, a slinky top and probably a raincoat in case you get caught out by a monsoon or hurricane. Well I don't know about you, but I have to have a good supply of 'just in case' stuff. I have to be prepared for eventualities of Biblical proportions - you never want to be caught in a plague of locusts wearing the wrong clothes do you?
See you tomorrow


  1. romfl about the hol clothes en!!!! gorgeous card hunny, love the idea of a big card, might have to get some of those as mums birthday is coming up and I want pride of place on the mantelpiece!! lol!!!!! hugs Lou xxx

  2. Not sure what I love best - the fabulous card or the hilarious and totally true observations about packing:)

  3. Love the card! I feel a scraplift coming on! I'll bet they'd find out that men have to purchase at least one item they forgot when least my hubs does! LOL I just posted the September Challenge on and the winner this month will get the Freshly Picked cartridge! I's love to have you and all your readers hop over and follow me,,,and enter a crafty creation for a chance to win!

  4. Hehehehehe! I only take spare underwear, jeans, tshirts and short and thats it for me. but the boys have every season packed!!

    Fab card and 8x8? that is a big one!!

  5. What a beautiful card Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  6. Good Morning Enfys!! I so love all your cards and look forward daily to seeing them. I don't which I love more - your cards or the funny stories you tell at the end of your blog. You start my day off right with a smile!! TFS!!

  7. gorgeous card en and you did me make laugh so much this morning...I had to make an emergency dash to you know where...big hugs kath xxx

  8. OMG ... Enfys you are just too funny for words ... but I totally "get" what you are saying about the holiday wardrobes ... I never get it right, even when I check the weather channels at the last minute, nothing is quite right! I over pack, but how is it that I manage to leave behind the things I need the most??? (sigh) I'll never get it right!

    BTW ... love the card too! =)


  9. I am guilty of being a chronic over packer! I would always rather have more than enough with me than not enough! I pack exactly the same way for my weekend scrapping events!

    Love this card Enfys! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  10. Love, love, love your beautiful card and am roflol at the comments on packing for a trip1!! I totally agree that "I have to be prepared for eventualities of Biblical proportions - you never want to be caught in a plague of locusts wearing the wrong clothes, do you?" (Certainly not one of those silky sarong scarfs!!)

  11. Really GREAT card! Just beautiful! Love how you combine digi, cricut, markers and hand cut items. This card has everything.

    Do you scallop the edges before you print the background or after? I figure you must have a VERY steady hand because everything always looks perfectly cut. You wouldn't know it was hand cut.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. LOLOLOL! You always make me giggle! Maybe you could use the same clothes and just keep them packed... I mean you go for your weekend,then when you get home, wash them and repack. It's sort of the 'rinse and repeat' sort of idea on travel. Have a great day.

  13. By making an 8x8 is that how you got it to print directly on the scalloped card from the CD? I'm facinated by your beautiful card. As far as packing goes I take everything I can throw into the suitcase and when we get there guess who has to loan everyone things they need? I get the last laugh!
    Mary Ann

  14. enfys, this is so the colors...hugs

  15. lovely flowers and birdie En

  16. I am so pleased to see that your posts are still as hilarious as before I went awol, and just for the record I have one of those wonderful contraptions that are supposed to do for everything - they don't.
    Love your card En, but how do you print straight on to your 8x8 card base or do you have an A3 printer.
    Max x

  17. Hi Enfys
    gorgeous card, luv the colours, i never get me packing right! lol. Oh i used those glitter yesterday i didnt realise it was glitter tinsel, its gorgeous Thank you hun, sue,x

  18. LOL!!! A brilliant post. You really made me smile.

    Great theories and a great make too.

    Love Jules xx

  19. You are too funny. My husband calls himself the mule! He has to deal with my over packing and I also tend to pack way too much for my 6 and 2 year old girls! We do a lot of international travel regardless of all of his complaining. C'est la Vie.

  20. You are too funny Enfys! But I do agree about the clothes. I always over pack and I could have told those researchers that most people do this, not just women! My daughter and her boyfriend went with some friends to a concert weekend and to NYC for a day. When she checked his bag, he had 5 pr of shorts and 6 shirts, they left on Thursday and came home on Monday, what was he packing for?!?!? she made him repack!

    Great card!

  21. Evening En. I see you've been extra busy again. I'm glad the Christening went well, what gorgeous photos.
    It's lovely to see some scrapbooking too, what a fantastic present to be treasured.
    I really think you should write a book of your Coffee Shop encounters, it'd be a best seller!!
    I agree will you completely about the packing carry on. I always take far too much just in case so this year was determined to be very good, my other half swears that all you need is money, credit cards and a passport. Well I did add a few clothes too but decided that as we were going to the same country as last year when it was 30 degrees every day, all we needed were shorts and T-shirts!!! WRONG. Austria in August can be having a heatwave one year and an early winter the next, guess which it was this year. Luckily we travelled in jeans and jumpers so we just about managed. Back to over packing next year!!
    Hugs Lisax

  22. Enfys,
    Great job on the card. I love the branch and bird........I also love the little story. Keep up the great job.
    I made a card for Tom for his birthday on Sat. Take a look. We are both basketball fans. Expecially UK wildcats........

  23. Well, my guess is that if they would ask the right women about a lot of these studies that they could save a huge bundle!! Love your card! Love how you popped up the flowers!! :)

  24. Enfys, I've left something for you on my blog. At your convenience, you can come on over and grab it!


  25. Beautiful card!!! Love the story, and my suitcase is Sooooo like yours. Don't Worry, Be Happy, and Pray that you don't see anyone that knows you;)

  26. I really had to laugh at the story about the clothes, I think all of us can relate to that. What the sarong thing is all about beats me! It must have been written by men!!!

    Love the bright colours on the card.

    Kaye x

  27. Hi Enfys I know what you mean about holiday clothes, mine never seem what I packed, but at least its better to have a few rather than have your case go missing which ours did for a day in Tenerife.
    Fabulous card, love the simplicity of it but its gorgeous. with love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

  28. this card is AWESOME, enfys! love, love, love it! the colors are so fab and work so well together! and that little birdie is soooo cute! so wonderful! big hugs!

  29. Love this card Enfys! I think we should suggest that the government allow us papercrafters to see how much money we could spend on crafting supplies in a month. Of course the gov't would have us on their payroll and we would have their unlimited budget to work with. Charge! lol! Thanks for sharing. ~Diane

  30. I love love this card.I like big cards as Because of my vision I like to work big.
    Your packing for holiday story is just so funny as I am doing just that. Here in the UK do I pack for summer or winter? mmm me thinks better cover both eventualities. Oh and don't forget the craft stuff who knows I may get time to do some! Two boxes packed and in the caravan. Not to mention the new handbag, every girls holiday must have, but sshh don't tell the H, I've had it ages yeh.
    Research LOL they just need to post to us.
    hugs Grace x

  31. Oh Enfys, that card is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  32. Thank you for making such a gorgeous card for my lil' ol' Flowery challenge - I just love it, En.

    I also loved reading your packing tale. you are soooo right. And I bet none of those "capsule wardrobe packers" really pack like that!

  33. a sorong....that isn't gonna cut it for me either. inviting you over to my blog hop if you get a chance...BTW i love the card


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