Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Summer Holiday for Penny Black, and WOYWW

This week, the Penny Black challenge team have a theme of travel/vacation, here's what I came up with. The papers are by Mambi

I layered three buttons on top of each other, a huge yellow one, then orange, then a small pink one on top

I am joining in with What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday again, although you will have a fit when you see it.......
Not on my desk, but as close as I can have it without it blowing all my stuff away is my fan - I craft in the garage here in Florida, and it is HOT
and here's my desk, what can I say. I am a messy worker. There are a couple of project hiding on there that I can't show yet, they are for a magazine

Okay, so I thought yesterday that my dunkin donuts outings were getting ridiculous, so I switched to Starbucks. I sat next to a woman who had a bird in a cage - why? I have no idea why she would take a bird out for coffee. It wasn't a parrot, lovebird or canary or anything pretty, just a rather sad looking plain brown little bird. This constant exposure to rather odd people is very exhausting, I am so busy thinking.............why? what if? where? every day, I need a nap when I get home


kath said...

love your take on the holiday challenge en and thanks for joining in the fun this week at PBSC....and messy...that ain't messy...well no messier than mine and are you saying that you don't meet nutty folks in the UK too....big hugs kath xxx

Melodie said...

Wow, this is soooo cute.
And the idea to create the button is fantastic.

Riet said...

What a gorgeous card Enfys,i love your image and your papers.

Hugs Riet.xx

butlersabroad said...

Obviously Florida is having some effect on your crafting Enfys, that's a very bright, breezy and shunshiny card! Great design though and the kitty certainly looks like he's having fun. Amazing that you craft in the garage, I know ours gets stinking hot so you have my sympathies there!


Jessica said...

I think that once it came to birds in cages, I'd take my coffee and doughnut to go!
Love this bright, cute card! I really like penny black's stamps. Such cute little critters.
Well, moving day is upon me, so I'm off to start packing the kitchen! Wish me luck.
Hugs, Jess

mary stuart said...

Love your card, Enfys. What fun paper you used. and the buttons - very clever! love the result.
So, the woman was taking her bird out for coffee! You must have some kind of magnetic energy that attracts interesting people!
Perfect place for a craftroom, the garage. you just close the door when you have company. I imagine it would get very hot there. You must do a lot of work in the early morning and after the sun goes down.
Love the What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday - what a great idea.

Linda said...

Enfys, You are in America, go up to these people and ask what are you doing or What is the name of your bird? She probable has it with her so that someone will ask. The things you see are too funny.

Why is it that we make a great place to do our crafts (well not a hot garage in Fl) and we get a nice big table and we end up with inches of space to work. I still think you should move into the kitchen and eat out. You would have a lot of great stories to tell and the book would pay for all the eating out.

Oh yes there was a beautiful card today. I love Penny Black and sitting on a tube would be a nice thing to do today. It is going to get hot here after the storms.
Have a wonderful day,

AShu93 said...

Very pretty bright card! Love it.

Did you ever think maybe you should just drink your coffee at home & stop going out?! LOL!

Sandy Bayles said...

I love the card. The craft area look alot like mine upstairs. I moved in the family room with a card table. Is is cooler. I made 2 cards yesterday with just bling, brads, and paper. A sort of down day without and machines.
Wish you were close so we could shop till we drop for crafts.

Wipso said...

Really love your card. Love the combination of colours.
A x

Lean said...

Lovely summer colours you used sweet card.

Helen said...

Cute card, love the colours. Maybe the bird had been to the vet? Or maybe she was just eccentric!!

Cheri said...

Very cute, Thank you for sharing. I love your idea for using three buttons.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Great card, lovely vibrant colours :-) Next time you see someone with something odd, or doing something odd, just ignore it then you won't wear yourself out; or invent some equally ridiculous story for yourself to explain it hehe
Anne xx

kisatrtle said...

love the stamp you used. I wish I was floating along side of him. The bird in the starbucks is a little too much. Perhaps you should consider brewing your own coffee.

Nicki (LittleTed) said...

Beautiful bright summery card, and your bird in a cage story made me laugh!

Nicki, xx

cal8007 said...

Enfys, love your summer card! And, I think I'm going to start going to coffee shops too to get some entertainment. What interesting mornings you must have every day! LOL Enjoy!

Carmen L

Pam said...

Lovely workspace. There are mad people here also, although in two weeks florida may have an extra one when I arrive on holiday. :-)

Hugs Pam x

Bettythebaglady said...

Love the card and have to echo Kath about nutty folks in the uk. Maybe you don't get into the same kind of places over here. I'm surrounded by them-just a minute I was just looking in the mirror.Hugs BettyXXX

Tracey said...

Gorgeous card, feeling a bit nutty myself after a couple of lagers watching the footie and a glass of wine with my tea. LOL.

lisa said...

That's the desk of a busy crafter, En. It looks remarkably tidy compared to mine!!
I think you need to start having your coffee to take away and bring it home and sit in your own garden, guaranteed to be nutter free!!
Hugs Lisax

Pam said...

Hi Enfys
We leave here on 9th July for 2 weeks staying at a villa in clermont, we try to holiday in florida ever 2 to 3 years, usually go to spain or somewhere on the other years but last year didn't go anywhere so really looking forward to this one. Hugs Pam x

Maryellen W said...

I love your Penny Black card! I still need to use the PB images that you stamped for me several
months ago! I have never seen a
person take their bird out for
coffee. That is just too strange!
Ok, so Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks
are out, how about McDonalds? I'm
not a coffee drinker so I don't know what to recommend. Sorry! Keep
trying, hopefully you'll find "normal" people to converse with. :D

Marty said...

cute card! Wouldn't life be boring if you didn't see and hear the things you do and what would we be reading for entertainment? You make my day with all your stories. Thanks for sharing.

Julia Dunnit said...

Now that is a fan!! Are you sure it doesn't double as a goal post or something!! Gorgeous card - can't remember the last time I saw MAMBI on sale here,sadly. As for the lady and the bird....attention? Maybe she's jsut dying to be asked, and unaware that it's a slightly crazy thing...!!

Sharon said...

How cute and cool that kitty looks floating around in it's innertube! Oh No! Starbucks is no better than Dunkin' Donuts!! LOL :)

craftimamma said...

Love the bright and sunny card and your desk looks productive not messy, Lol!

I can sympathise over the heat. I may not be in Florida but our conservatory is my craftroom and even if it's a bit nippy outside as long as the sun is shining it's hot in my craftroom.

Lesley Xx

Sunshine Girl said...

Love the card - thanks for sharing.

1CardCreator said...

You are so brave to show whats on your desk! Mine is so messy! Love this card and the one below for your sister. You seem to see the most unusual tings in your travels, enjoy them. Thanks for sharing. ~Diane

Karen said...

Absolutely gorjus cards Enfys. Love em all hun.

Love Karen x

Lynda said...

You're so funny En - It must be the heat over there that 'affects' people but there's never a dull moment eh! Fabulous card - just love those hot colours - they go so well together.

Love Lynda xxx

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Enfys. Your card is adorable. Your room... well, it looks like my craft room which is IN MY HOUSE! At least yours is in a garage pretty much out of sight -- LOL!

Nannieflash said...

Hi Enfys, Im not sure what I would say to you if we ever met face to face, as I would be worrying about whether I was a bit odd as well, you know what they say about old people, but I dont take birds out for coffee though so you maybe safe.
I love your card its fabulous, and your desk is about as straight as mine at the moment, Im really trying to catch up from being away for 10 days but so far Im not winning. With love and hugs Shirleyx

Heather x said...

Beautiful card hun :)
None of our cafe's let you take animals in!
*hugs* Heather x

Allison said...

lovely and summery
Have a great weekend

Spyder said...

Fabulous card and your crafty space looks very tidy, compared to mine!! Have a lovely weekend!

Glen said...

LOL at you Enfys. You do come across the most strangest of people! *Ü* Perhaps the heat is getting to take a break! You missed out on Ladies Day at the time you go, wear an outstanding hat...that'll give them something to talk about...but watch out for nesting birds! LOL. Love the card BTW. TFS. ~Glen~