Monday, 21 June 2010

Burger King and Stampfest Video

This card is for my son, who has a birthday on Saturday. He is a bit of a whizz when it comes to a barbecue, so when I saw this cute stamp at Stampfest, I had to have a play with it. I was going to say BBQ King on the front, but then I thought that Burger King was a punnnier sort of sentiment.
The stamp comes as a double, the bottom of the BBQ, then the lid........................................

Which you just slot into the bottom, lifting it up to show the food.....................................
and a happy birthday message. Isn't that a neat idea? I found the tiny wooden utensil in a pack at the show too, and cut a teensy triangle of red gingham paper to look like a picnic tablecloth. I covered the BBQ with glossy accents to make it look like shiny metal

Here is the video I took at the show, a bit wobbly, no commentary apart from two women at one booth who were having a good old chin-wag the whole time I was filming, but it will give you an idea of the booths and the sort of stuff they were selling. I see that blogger now puts loads of tiny little links to videos on the bottom of my post, I don't know who made them at all, who knows, they may show you more than mine did :)


  1. Enfys,
    I am so green with envy. I would love to go to one of those. I love the Loralie card and stamps and whatever I just love them. Great job and thanks for the video. I also enjoyed the BD card for your son. So...........Cute.......
    I am going thru a purple passion stage on my blog:
    I still want to get those cards from you if you have them...

  2. gorgeous card and I love that BBQ stamp...loved your video and thanks for showing the Timmie and Wendy Vecchi stuff...was that just for me...I bet you had a ball and managed just a little spend....big hugs kath xxx

  3. Such a great idea, this card is so fantastic.

  4. thanks for showing us some great cards at the show. I wished I lived closer to go!

  5. Hi Enfys!!!!

    I love this card, It is adorable!! I made a BBQ type card Hubby's father day card, he loves to Grill and his favorite is to do Pulled pork BBQ, he will sit by his smoker all night babying that thing! LOL

    Wishing you a fantastic day!!!

    Lisa :)

  6. OMG Enfys, how did you keep from buying one of each?!!!!! What lovely creations! I wish Stampfest came here...well, maybe not! I'd spend way too much I'm sure!
    There were some great ideas in this video! But I'll have to watch it again to remember them. Thanks for sharing!

  7. First of all I love the BBQ card and the way it opens up to reveal the tools and food. So cute. Wow, what fun to attend Stampfest. I'd love to go. So many beautiful creations made with papers. Thank you for your video.

  8. Hiya Enfys:)...

    Your card is simply `Gorgeous` Gotta love burgers!!!!

    Have a fab week:)xxx

  9. Love the card. That is so neat how it pops open.
    Thanks for the video. I love seeing the Loralie Art Stamps. They are great.

  10. Your Burger King card is wonderful. I love the lid coming off with the food slide. Great job.

  11. Enfys,
    Cute card, you rock the cards as usual. Thanks for sharing the video too.

  12. What a wonderful card for your son. Any person that BBQs would love that card. I wish I could go to all shows that you do. Of course, I would probably be poor before the day was done because I would want everything. thanks for sharing your video.

  13. I just love this card!!! It would be perfect for our Son-in-Law! Great video. :)


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