Sunday, 9 November 2008

Two Christmas Cards Today

It's amazing what you can find for a dollar in the US, both these cards were made using Studio G wood mounted dollar stamps. The santa one was from last year's collection, and the snowman is this year - I stamped him three times. The 'sending love at Christmas' sentiment is by hero arts, and the HO on the santa card are glitter sticker letters by Making Memories. The papers are DCWV or Martha Stewart. The stars at the bottom of the santa card are Martha's new star border. How strange the tricks that cameras play, the green button on the santa card is the exact colour of the backing paper in real life, in the photo it looks very off colour.

I am getting ahead with my Christmas shopping - I usually pack the four suitcases we are allowed full to bursting with gifts and craft stuff. My friend Barbara, also from the UK who has a house here, came over last summer for a two week break and I was taking her to the airport. Her cases were so heavy we could hardly lift them. 'These are definitely over 50lbs' I pronounced. So we drove up to Publix supermarket, lugged these cases inside and weighed them on the scales intended for customers (I don't quite know why they provide this service, a lot of the customers must want to stop eating for a month after they step on the things). Back to the cases, yep, they both weighed over 70lbs. So there and then, in the middle of the supermarket we unzipped and unloaded. She pulled out a tiny bikini she had bought her granddaughter, 'I can leave this' - yeah, right, that weighs all of 3 ozs. Further down I spotted................soup? canned soup? very big tins of canned soup?............she had packed 12 tins of clam chowder. I unloaded, repacked, and she was fine (I can be very bossy sometimes). So we have the delight of the Publix run with the cases before we leave here. As long as I leave the clam chowder behind everything will be okay..............


  1. These are SO cute! I really love the snowman card--just adorable! :D

  2. LOL!!! You made me laugh Enfys...that's a funny story!!! I love both of your cards...they are really adorable....I especially like the snowman one!!!! CUTE!!! HUGS!!!

  3. Heee heee, bet you got some funny looks. They probably thought you were a pair of English eccentrics!!!

    Love both cards En - the snowman stamp is really sweet, I like that one. And the Santa one is fab as well. Will have to check out Martha's star punch - that woman will bankrupt me lol xxx

    Know what you mean re the camera - I have problems getting the colours right quite often but I don't know why. Never mind eh xxxx

  4. Hi Enfys! These cards are sooo fun! Love these stamps! Am I jealous of you in sunny Florida! The weather here in the UK is pants - high winds and lots of rain, yeuchh!! (well in the South West it is!)
    Belinda x

  5. Funny story Enfys - what did you do with the soup - do you eat clam chowder?
    These 2 cards are just so cute - it is hard to pick which one is the cutest - both of them.

  6. Gorgeous card Enfys Love them both! I know what you mean about the camera I get that with some of my potos too! Love your story too!


  7. Wonderful story!! LOL!!! The cards are fabulous!!

  8. Hi Enfys! You've got me taking a second look at all of my stamps from the Michael's dollar bin! Those snowmen are too cute! And great story about the suitcases and soup! Too funny! ...Margie

  9. Pretty pretty cards, cute story! I'm laughing about the clam chowder.


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